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The Faculty of Organizational Sciences, as part of the University of Belgrade, is the leading faculty in Serbia and the region in the field of information systems and technologies, organization and management.

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Welcome to the faculty that combines the best of informatics and management! The special value of FON is represented by a wide range of events and activities organized by teachers and students

Studies at FON

FON is an ideal place for all those who want to improve their skills in the field of advanced information technologies and modern business management. All study programs that have been implemented at FON,  have a strong quantitative and informational foundation, forming the basis not only for organizational knowledge but also for knowledge directly pertinent to each specific study program. The attained professional title “graduate engineer of organizational sciences” belongs to the field of technical and technological sciences.

Bachelor studies

The latest knowledge and skills, familiarization and mastery of contemporary methods and techniques, and preparation for successful application in practice.

Master studies

Acquisition of competencies and academic skills for solving practical and theoretical problems in the chosen field of study.

SAS slika

Specialist studies

They provide an opportunity for further academic advancement and specialization in the chosen field of study.

DAS slika

PhD Studies

Aligned with current trends in the development of the respective scientific discipline globally.

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FON is an accredited higher education institution by the National Body for Accreditation and Quality Assurance in Higher Education (NAT). According to the NAT decision from 2022, FON is a higher education and scientific institution in the field of technical and technological and social sciences.

International accreditation

FON received international accreditation for bachelor studies from the international German agency for study programs in the fields of technical sciences, informatics, natural sciences and mathematics ASIIN (